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" That is not the reason for the failure and can be certified by the two pool companies. I must note that the VERBAL reasons for denial and the WRITTEN reason are ALL DIFFERENT. I was looking at these services because we had to call out an electrician for an issue in our home, and the tech told us was $60. 00 just for being called out, and $245. 00 for him just to troubleshoot our problem before recommending a solution. Since this seemed really excessive, I decided to check out this insurance to see if it would benefit us and our budget limitations, but what I found was discouraging.

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According to the Choice Home Warranty technician the claim was denied for multiple reasons all of which the technician tried to assure the claim adjuster were NOT the reasons for the failure.

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Sometimes the companies are good, mostly they are not.

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To secure the best protection for your home and your budget, you need both homeowners insurance and a home warranty.