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I contacted Select on 01/05/15 and informed them that I had not heard back from their vendor. They responded on 01/06/15 that my claim was approved. I informed them that I didn't even know what was wrong with the pump as the vendor never contacted me or met me at my property. I was told they would look into it and then told the vendor said my 2 year old pump needed replacing and I needed to contact the vendor. I tried but had no response and I wasn't having any work done until I knew exactly what the problem was and the cost. Select said I could have my own vendor do the work, which I did.

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Turn off the power to your HVAC system at the thermostat and at the breaker.

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Simple repairs are typically made during the first appointment.

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The quote they sent to me was for $540!That is ridiculous!Then in doing my research I just asked a neighbor because I knew she had a home warranty.

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Most often, homeowners run into this problem when purchasing a home.